In today’s healthcare market medical physicians are under increasing pressure to see more and more patients in less and less time!

Often they no longer have the luxury of ensuring that you fully understand their medical conditions and/or the purpose and goals of treatment.

Due to no fault of their own, medical doctors are not always able to provide the level of education they would like you to receive.

This can leave you feeling confused and frustrated, and sometimes even powerless.


Dr. Ryan will provide you with education so that you can move into a stronger and more cooperative partnership with your personal physician. She will encourage you to be more engaged with your physician and to become a more active participant in your healthcare. She will teach/coach you in the skill of speaking up for yourself.

Dr. Ryan won’t diagnose or offer treatment for your condition — her role is as your personal educator. She’ll help you understand exactly what is happening in your body at the moment, and why certain protocols, medicines, and lifestyle choices help with the healing process. She’ll give you up-to-date research and resources so you can know all your options.

Learn how:

  • to voice your concerns and advocate for yourself or loved one
  • to trust your ability to take charge of your body, and your healing process
  • True Empowerment
  • your lifestyle can impact your body/mind/spirit
  • your physical conditions can mirror your emotional challenges
  • you can approach your emotional challenges to enhance physical healing
  • to embrace your physical challenges in order to catalyze spiritual growth and enhance your life

Dr. Patricia Ryan is one of the most gifted medical practitioners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She combines a keen intellect with immense experience and knowledge, and very powerful intuition

Mary M

Sedona, AZ